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This High to Enter


from the album
This High to Enter

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Lyrics by Darlene (with apologies to Green Acres)

Frontierland is the place to be.
Golden Horseshoe is the show for me.
No other land's spread out so wide.
Keep Toontown, give me a Big Thunder ride.

In Tomorrowland I'd rather stay.
I think Tom Sawyer Island's gay.
I much prefer Star Tours to
Being around horses because they smell like pew.

Two ships!
Space trips!
The river!
Buzz Lightyear!

There's churros for sale
Goodbye, Monorail!
Frontierland, we are there!


This song is a parody of the theme song to the Green Acres TV show. Please tell us you already knew that.

You can't really just read this one to enjoy it. You have to hear Roy and Darlene singing their "argument."

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