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This High to Enter

"Leader of the Park"

from the album
This High to Enter

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Leader of the Park

By Darlene (with apologies to the Shangri Las)

Was she really at the park with him?
Hey, I don't know.
There she is, let's ask her.
Darlene? Are those Cubby's ears you're wearing?
Oh! It must be great riding with him.
Yeah, you're meeting him after work today?
Ah! By the way, where'd you meet him?

I met him at the Gibson Girl.
He smiled and pin traded with me.
Do you see this one here?
Yes, we see
That's how I fell for the Leader of the Park.

The CMs are always giving him sass
(Sass, sass)
They act like he's some big pain in the ass.
(Pain in the ass)
They say he has to go
When he points out bad show.
That's why I fell for the Leader of the Park.

My annual pass I couldn't renew.
I had to tell Cubby we were through.
I said I don't have the dough,
As tears fell on my churro.
They keep raising prices, Leader of the Park.

He sort of smiled as we shook hands goodbye.
As the magic fell away,
He walked down Main Street on that rainy night.
I called to warn him but
The Main Street trolley ran over his foot.
Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh!

Well it turns out a crushed foot is worth,
A free pass to the Happiest Place on Earth.
Now we're in line side by side.
His park knowledge can't be denied.
He's got his own Web site, the Leader of the Park.
The Leader of the Park, now he's mine.


A parody of "Leader of the Pack," which we love. With meter that isn’t quite right in a couple of places, which we hate.

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