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Rock It To The Moon

"Why I'm in a Disney Rock Band"

from the album
Rock It to the Moon


Why I'm in a Disney Rock Band

Music and lyrics by the band

Sports fans have no real community.
Trekkies are just plain obsessive.
I don't play D and D or bowl.
Beanie babies are excessive.

Religious fans can get too preachy.
Pro-wrestling nuts can make me pissed.
Most lodge members are just pathetic.
Knotts Berry Farm fans don't exist.

That's why I'm in a Disney fan band,
To rock it with Uncle Walt's fans.
And getting a real nighttime job --
It doesn't work well with my plans.

I never read the daily paper
But frequent all the rumor sites.
I like my movies animated,
And strong themes on all my rides.

I know every hidden Mickey cold,
And can spell Pinocchio too.
I never curse or go out unshaved.
I only do what Walt would do.

Annette's the kinda girl I'd want to date,
And not do it 'till we're married.
Visit theme parks my whole damned life
And be frozen when I'm buried.

My protest songs all hit hard and strong.
They show Eisner's a big buffoon.
DCA could use a lot of work.
Put something in the sub lagoon!!!

A Disney fan full-time and hard-core
Live my life by the Disney code.
Charter subscriber to E-Ticket
and I drive just like Mr. Toad.

My whole garage is filled with paper,
My clothes are covered in pins.
I have the hats and socks and tattoos,
And only guys named Walt as friends.

I'd line up for weeks for a new ride.
My ass has a Mickey-head brand.
My annual pass is worn paper thin.
That's why I'm in a Disney band.

At night I dream I'm in Disneyland,
When I want a ride I take it,
Or wake to screams when I dream about
Cynthia Harris naked!


Okay, "take it/naked" is a sucky rhyme. So sue us. (No, don't really. We have enough of that already.)

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