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Rock It To The Moon

"Why DCA?"

from the album
Rock It to the Moon

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Why DCA?

Lyrics by Roy (with apologies to The Village People)

Tell me
What's this new thing they've got
I said tell me
Where's that great parking lot?
I said tell me
Why is it they could not
Put something really worthwhile here.

Tell me
Why I would want to go
I said tell me
Someplace built with no dough
I said tell me
Doesn't everyone know
This is really, really bad show.

Now everybody asks
Why DCA?
Now everybody asks
Why DCA?
They have maybe one thing
I can really enjoy
In a park designed to annoy

I have got to ask
Why DCA?
I have got to ask
Why DCA?
They have Whoopi Goldberg
In a movie that blows
And that crap Superstar Limo.

Are you listening to me?
I said, Eisner
What's this supposed to be?
I said Eisner
CEO you might be
But you've got to know this one thing:

No park
Here can support itself
I said, no park
Built with rides off the shelf
So please blow up
This worthless DCA
And build something good here today.

Who'd ever pay to come to DCA?
Who'd ever pay to come to DCA?
Okay Soarin' is good
But the Pier will annoy
Anyone who's not a small boy.

What evil curse made them build DCA?
What evil curse made them build DCA?
What about Epcot West?
Or that whole Long Beach deal?
Why not build something with appeal?

Listen, I once got a free pass
I said, to that park that stinks like an ass
I said, but I just can't stand DCA
So I sold the pass on eBay.

That's when someone came up to me
And said, "Park fan, take a walk down the street
There's no crowd here and the lines are okay
You can do the park in one day."

But that just made me ask
Why DCA?
That just made me ask
Why DCA?
Even if I could do the whole thing in an hour
I'd still fell I need a shower.

Why DCA?
I really hate to ask
Why DCA?
Listen, Listen, there's no need to go there
You'll waste your cash and nobody will care
Why DCA?

Just one e-ticket so why DCA
They stuck on bugs
And the Tower of Terror
But they can't make
A run out of an error

Why DCA?


This song is a parody of "Y.M.C.A." by The Village People. We made a little dance and everything for this one, but it never really caught on.

The song's a tiny bit dated because of the Superstar Limo reference, but I think that's pretty minor. Our big disappointment is that we forgot the mention the silliness of the whole California theme in the first place. That and we used the word "annoy" twice, which is annoying.

By the way, we have to admit that Disney's California Adventure has kind of grown on us. We were pretty disappointed at first, but that may be because we had unrealistic expectations, given that the budget was approved under Eisner's reign.

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