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Rock It To The Moon

"Tom Sawyer Isle --
The Ride Back"

from the album
Rock It to the Moon

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Tom Sawyer Isle -- The Ride Back

Lyrics by Darlene (with additional apologies to Gilligan)

So if you're not back here by dusk my friends,
You'll be here for a long, long time,
And see Fantasmic from the back,
That would be a crime.

Hey wait, watch out for that canoe,
Don't run over those ducks,
Like the rest of California,
The traffic out there sucks.

Okay, alright, we're getting through.
Is that New Orleans I see?
Go on Pirates while you're there,

Ride it twice for me.

So come back soon my tourist friend,
I know you'd swim a mile,
To slip and trip and fall off things,
On Tom Sawyer Isle.


The second half of the Gilligan's Island parody. By rights it should be played about 26 minutes after the first half, but we think that would just confuse people.

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