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Rock It To The Moon

"Doing It at Disneyland"

from the album
Rock It to the Moon

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Doing It at Disneyland

Music and lyrics by Roy

You see my mom and dad conceived me
On a ride thru Inner Space
And the giant eye caught Dad
With a big grin upon his face,
So I can't be blamed for how
I want to get my theme park love
With my parents charter members
Of the angstrom-high club.

It was grad night when I
Caused my first security problems,
My backpack loaded up with beer
And Mickey-shaped condoms.
Since that first night when I got
Three hot Mickey-eared lasses,
I've helped lots of girls use up
Their annual passes.

We got caught on the teacups
Doing what we shouldn't oughta
On the Jungle Cruise I had the backside
Of Al Schweitzer's daughter.
On Indiana Jones the ride's so rough
You must restrain me
The Haunted Mansion's long and dark
But then so am I, baby.

We go upstairs in Minnie's house
For some toonish cavorting,
Then it's off to the Matterhorn
For hot basketball courting.
On the Storybook canal boats
I might let her turn my pages,
Or maybe Casey Jr.
Because I like it in cages.

Oh how I miss those long slow trips
On the Peoplemover,
And the back row of the Progress show
Where I'd take a girl to do her.
The Skyway let me give a girl
A good view while I ****ed her
But nothing beat Monsanto's awesome
Bedroom of the future.

If I feel like a FASTPASS
Then it's Big Thunder Mountain,
Followed by a skinny dip
In King Triton's fountain.
You can tell I like a public place
To get my gal molested,
But just once I'd like to leave the park
Without getting arrested.


We actually thought this song would be a lot more popular that it is. There's just something about talking about sex at Disneyland that really makes some fans annoyed. I guess it's just one of those things that you don't know you like until you try!

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