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Rock It To The Moon

"Tom Sawyer Isle --
The Ride Out"

from the album
Rock It to the Moon

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Tom Sawyer Isle -- The Ride Out

Lyrics by Darlene (with apologies to Gilligan)

Just climb aboard the Tom Sawyer raft
And we'll take you on a trip
That is unless we get crushed by
The paddle wheel ship.

The island ahead was made by man
For children to explore.
There's just one bathroom on the place,
You'll wish there was more.
You'll wish there was more.

Fort Wilderness was built to fight
The Island's bitter foes.
It's big and cool and lots of fun,
Too bad it's always closed.
Too bad it's always closed.

Our raft's reached ground on the shore of this cement Frontierland isle,
With spooky caves
A tree house too,
A working mill,
No wildlife,
A barrel bridge, and the rest,
Here on Tom Sawyer Isle.


This song is a parody of the Gilligan's Island opening theme song. Sorry about that.

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