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Rock It To The Moon

"Achy Breaky Ride"

from the album
Rock It to the Moon

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Achy Breaky Ride

Lyrics by Darlene (with apologies to Billy Ray Cyrus)

I was so sure I'd miss the Peoplemover
I cried when I first saw it gone.
Then I heard the plan, for its replacement, man,
And I rejoiced when the new ride was done.

The Rocket Rods looked great, I couldn't wait to ride
And even the queue looked really cool,
But then I learned that it got cut short on budget
And it's stuck with flaws 'cause of accounting rules.

Don't make me ride this ride, this achy breaky ride
I don't want to get stuck on it again.
And if they don't stop this ride, this achy breaky ride
It's going to screw up Tomorrowland


This song is a parody of Billy Ray Cyrus' evil "Achy Breaky Heart." It makes sense to about 25% of the people who hear it.

Yep, it's a short song. We'd rather go short and keep it fun than pad out a joke until it's annoying and sad just to make it the same length as the original song (which we hate in the first place).

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