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Brand Name

"Great Grinning Fans"

from the album
Brand Name

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Great Grinning Fans

Lyrics by Darlene (with apologies to 999 happy haunts)

When there's a small change what a noise they make
Be it new paint or a half-drained lake
Disney nuts materialize
and begin to vocalize
Great grinning fans who have no other lives

Now don't Walt profane or let trash remain
Or a Disney blogger will go insane
You don't want to bug these guys
Their sharp ears and x-ray eyes
Great grinning fans can see through corporate lies

Al Lutz knows park plans long before they do
The Laughing Place and Jim Hill, too
Swarms of fans in X-L size
On the net to socialize
Great grinning fans for whom no rumor dies

Did you see that plant in the corner, dead?
It looks just like a Mickey head
Don't you try and trivialize
The deep obsession of these guys
Great grinning fans living Disneyland lives


No, we don't think all Disneyland fans are fat. No, we don't think you're wasting your life or that there's something wrong with loving the park. For goodness sake, Cubby can name every shop and attraction's opening year (including the Hall of Chemistry and Wizard of Bras) and we don't think he's nuts. Much.

This song is a parody of the Haunted Mansion theme, "Grim Grinning Ghosts." True Disneyland fans should be able to sing the original in their sleep (and quote the stretching room narration, of course)..

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