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Brand Name


from the album
Brand Name

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Lyrics by Darlene (with apologies to Gary Numan)

I'm here watching Cars
And it's the greatest of all
Even bugs have four doors
A world where no people live
It's Cars

Lightning's a car
And he'll make you believe
If you can see past you
Then you might just win that race
It's Cars

(car horn solo)

Mater's a car
Who comes when you break down
He drives backward with ease
And likes to sleep outdoors
It's Cars

Doc is a car
Who is much more than you think
Years ago he gave up
'Cause of an empty cup
It's Cars

(car alarm solo)


This song is a parody of "Cars" by Gary Numan, one of our techno favorites. Yes, we know that the bugs in Cars didn't have four doors, but it worked out better in the song, and you get the idea.

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