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"Simply The Incredibles"

from the album
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Simply The Incredibles

Lyrics by Darlene (with apologies to Robert Palmer)

It seems that they're impossible.
Violate science principles, yeah yeah.
Their heroism's mythical.
Their family life is typical.

Mom's a flexible woman,
Dad's a powerful force.
There's a boy and a girl and a baby, of course.
I thought they were just the Parrs, but now I find they're

Simply The Incredibles
Simply The Incredibles

Mr. I tried to save this dude, huh
The jumper got all bent and rude, uh oh.
The heroes got their asses sued.
Now they're all kind of subdued.

He's not happy at all, punched his boss through a wall.
Got a job from Mirage, new car in the garage.
He shaped up and got new clothes, and now his family's

Simply The Incredibles
Simply The Incredibles

(Simply The Incredibles)
That's not right,
He didn't tell Helen where he really went.
(Simply The Incredibles)
Turned out fine, their new plane exploded, though.

Then Syndrome caught them, trapped them in a lightning wall.
They came together like they never had before.
They broke his flunkies' heads, ripped off his robot's claw.
They were a troubled family, but now I find they're

(Simply The Incredibles)
Their son Dash, runs on water without getting wet.
(Simply The Incredibles)
He talks trash, when they bar him from the track meet, though.

Violet's manner is inscrutable.
She really likes this guy at school, ooh-ooh ooh-ooh.
She's hiding in a force bubble, huh.
And she can turn invisible.

Their friend is Frozone, he's the master of chill.
Freeze a bullet in space, and won't send you a bill
He's really cool on his own, but his friends are

Simply The Incredibles
Simply The Incredibles

(Simply The Incredibles)
Jack Jack's fine, but there's no tellin' what that baby does.
(Simply The Incredibles)
Jack Jack's fine – where did that new sitter go?
(Simply The Incredibles)
Jack Jack's fine, and he'll keep Syndrome on his toes.
(Simply The Incredibles)
They're all fine, together when the house explodes.

Simply The Incredibles


This song is a parody of "Simply Irresistible" by the late Robert Palmer. And in case you hadn't noticed, The Incredibles was one of the best cartoons ever (particularly the unedited DVD version with the Elastigirl nude scene <G>).

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